Jonson Jiglar  April 20    10 min read  

Being a Digital nomad. I chose the freelance life so I can work from anywhere and live the life.

Irma Gulizuba  June 12    4 min read  

The black church in Iceland. Oldest church landmark of the world history.

Tahmi Alahi  July 15    5 min read  

In the deep ocean, sea animals like an angel for eye power.

Travis Bikal  April 20    3 min read  

The african taxi driver, who revuolutionized the taxi industry in africa.

Matt Blondza  November 25    4 min read  

The rising of tiny housing in city area. People watned to live there for experience..

Casy Nodlas  February 2    8 min read  

San-franciso the gateway of sillicon valley. A place for future entreprenure. 

Popular On Bloog

Muskan Kaberi  April 20    3 min read  

Woman empowerment and woman education is modern generation need.

Joshep Jackson  August 11    2 min read  

Coke is my girlfriend, yes I drink, sleep and breath coke. Coke is my life.

Wilkon Wilson  September 10    3 min read  

Tennis the playground I most enjoy. I am the fan of king Roger Federer.

Carmen Shila  March 03    6 min read  

The money I pay for my income tax, it’s not worthy & I have a voice for that.

Jason Bizlam  November 3    10 min read  

The lonely travler, when goes to travel, it's worthy to travel then.